Entrance hall of the ICMS Workshop

Joint meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques

Sep 27, 2017 - Sep 29, 2017

ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AA


Name Institution
Barrenechea, Gabriel University of Strathclyde
Farkas, Jozsef University of Stirling
Gimperlein, Heiko Heriot-Watt University
Jarque, Xavier Universitat de Barcelona
White, Stuart University of Glasgow

Scientific committee:
Ernesto Estrada (University of Strathclyde)
Joan Sola Morales (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Carles Rovira (Universitat de Barcelona)
Agata Smoktunowicz (University of Edinburgh)
Nuria Vila (Universitat de Barcelona)

This joint meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (www.ems.ac.uk) and the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques (http://blogs.iec.cat/scm) will take place at ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, from 27-29 September 2017.  

Plenary lecturers:
Pere Ara (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Marta Casanelles (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Natalia Castellana (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Des Higham (University of Strathclyde)
Xiaoyu Luo (University of Glasgow)
Stefaan Vaes (KU Leuven)

Mini-workshops (2 x 2h each):

Algebra and Applications
Organisers: Ferran Cedo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Agata Smoktunowicz (University of Edinburgh)
Speakers: Pere Ara (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Vladimir Bavula (University of Sheffield), Ken Brown (University of Glasgow), Be'eri Greenfeld (Bar-Ilan University), Dolors Herbera (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Natalia Iyudu (University of Edinburgh), Susan Sierra (University of Edinburgh), Agata Smoktunowicz (University of Edinburgh), Michal Ziembowski (Warsaw University of Technology)

Differential Equations and Applications
Organisers: Angel Calsina (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and József Farkas (University of Stirling)
Speakers: Armengol Gassull (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Gemma Huguet (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), Joan Saldana (Universitat de Girona), Peter Stewart (University of Glasgow), Alan Terry (University of the West of Scotland), Stephen Watson (University of Glasgow)

Geometric Group Theory
Organisers: Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt University), Colva Roney-Dougal (University of St Andrews) and Enric Ventura (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Speakers: Tara Brendle (University of Glasgow), Jorge Delgado (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), Albert Garreta (Stevens), Nick Gilbert (Heriot-Watt University), Alexandre Martin (Heriot-Watt University), Martyn Quick (University of St Andrews)

Geometry and Physics
Organisers: Michael Atiyah (University of Edinburgh), José Figueroa-O'Farrill (University of Edinburgh), Ignasi Mundet i Riera (Universitat de Barcelona), Sebastia Xambo (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Speakers: Roger Casals (MIT/University College London), Ignasi Mundet i Riera (Universitat de Barcelona), Bernd Schroers (Heriot-Watt University), Ian Strachan (University of Glasgow), Charles Strickland-Constable (University of Edinburgh/Université Paris-Saclay) Carlos Zapata Carratalá (University of Edinburgh)

Industrial Mathematics
Organisers: Andrew Lacey (Heriot-Watt University) and Tim Myers (CRM, Barcelona)
Speakers: Marc Calvo (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica), Jacek Gondzio (University of Edinburgh), James Cruise (Heriot-Watt University), Tony Mulholland (University of Strathclyde), Tim Myers (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica), Anel Nurtay (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica)

Operator Algebras
Organisers: Francesc Perera (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Aaron Tikuisis (University of Aberdeen)
Speakers: Ramon Antoine (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), James Gabe (University of Glasgow/University of Southampton), Michael Mampusti (University of Wollongong), Christian Voigt (University of Glasgow), Joachim Zacharias (University of Glasgow), Stefaan Vaes (KU Leuven)

Organisers: Istvan Gyongy (University of Edinburgh) and Marta Sanz-Sole (Universitat de Barcelona)
Speakers: Elisa Alòs (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), José Manuel Corcuera (Universitat de Barcelona), Alexander Davie (University of Edinburgh), Gavin Gibson (Heriot-Watt University), Xuerong Mao (University of Strathclyde), Eulalia Nualart (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Tadahiro Oh (University of Edinburgh), Josep Vives (Universitat de Barcelona)

Organisers: Mark Grant (University of Aberdeen) and Wolfgang Pitsch (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Speakers: Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow), Rachael Boyd (University of Aberdeen), Federico Cantero (BGSMath), Carles Casacuberta (University of Barcelona), Jim Howie (Heriot-Watt University), Ignasi Mundet i Riera (University of Barcelona)


The meeting is open to all interested participants, and there is a poster session to which everybody is invited to contribute. There is also a dedicated mini-workshop for Ph.D. students and early career researchers. Abstracts for both posters and short talks should be proposed via the registration form. The registration form is available here.  

Limited funding is available to support the accommodation of Scottish Ph.D. students not based in Edinburgh. This will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please apply through the registration form.

We are grateful for the financial support from the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Learning and Research Support Fund, The Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques.  








The workshop will be held at ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh.  You may also find this map useful as it shows the location of the various rooms for the parallel sessions.  The ICMS Newhaven Lecture Theatre (where the plenary talks will take place) is equipped with a data projector, computer, visualiser (the new generation of overhead projectors) and two blackboards.  The projector and one board may be used simultaneously.  It is best to bring your presentation on a memory stick to use in our ICMS computer.   Alternatively, it is possible for you to use your own laptop with our data-projector, but please be aware that you should bring your own adaptors and may have to alter your laptop resolutions/settings.


UK Visas
If you are travelling from overseas you may require an entry visa. A European visa does not guarantee entry to the UK. Please use this link to the UK Visas site to find out if you need a visa and if so how to apply for one. 


Information about travel to the UK and Edinburgh is available here.

Please note that it is your responsibility to have adequate travel insurance to cover medical and other emergencies (volcanic ash disruptions) that may occur on your trip.

A taxi directly from the airport will cost approximately 20.00 to 25.00 GBP to the city centre for a one-way journey.     There is also a bus service direct from the airport to the city centre which will cost 4.50 GBP single or 7.50 GBP return - the Airlink 100.  This is a frequent service (every 10 minutes during peak times) and will bring you close to Waverley Railway Station, only a short walk to the accommodation and the workshop venue (see map in 'Venue' section above). 

Lothian buses charge £1.60 for a single, £4.00 for a day ticket. Please note that the exact fare is required and no change is given.

If travelling by train, please note that Edinburgh has several railway stations - Waverley Railway Station being the main station and closest to the workshop venue at 15 South College Street.  If you alight at Edinburgh Waverley, the workshop venue is an easy 10 minute walk over North and South Bridge. The second large railway station is called Haymarket and is at the West End of the city centre.    Please be aware that there is also an Edinburgh Park railway station but this is at the west side of the city some way from the city centre.  For ICMS, use Edinburgh Waverley.


Registration fee
The standard registration fee is 20 GBP.
If you have confirmed that you are attending the dinner, there is an additional 40 GBP payable, plus the registration fee of 20 GBP, making a total of 60 GBP payable. 
If you are a PhD Student who is attending the dinner, the registration fee is 40 GBP.   This includes a reduced rate for the dinner. 

The registration fee covers coffee breaks and lunches. The conference dinner on Thursday has an additional cost .   The registration fee payment should be made on arrival at ICMS - at Registration we will accept cash, credit/debit card payments and sterling cheques (payable to “Heriot-Watt University”).  Unfortunately, we do not yet have an on-line payment system at ICMS.   If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please complete this credit/debit card form and bring the completed form to Registration, noting that there is a 1.75% administration fee for credit card transactions and that we do not accept American Express or Discover cards.   Please do not email back the credit/debit card form as email is not secure for giving your card details.  


EMS-SCM Dinner
The dinner will be on Thursday 28 September, 19.30, in the St Trinnean Room, St Leonard's Hall, Pollock Halls of Residence, Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh.   

On arrival at ICMS, confirmation of attendance at the dinner will be sought and payment will be taken where applicable.   


The PROGRAMME is available here

 Venue Map for workshop locations



Presentation Details
Alòs, Elisa
On the relationship between implied volatilities and volatility swaps: a Malliavin calculus approach
View Abstract Down
Antoine, Ramon
The Cuntz semigroup for ultraproduct C*-algebras
View Abstract Down
Ara, Pere
PLENARY TALK: Topological paradoxical decompositions and partial actions TALK 2 (Algebra and Applications session) Steinberg algebras and the realization problem
View Abstract Down
Baker, Andrew
Realisations of the Joker
View Abstract Down
Bavula, Vladimir
Classical left regular left quotient ring of a ring and its semisimplicity criteria
View Abstract Down
Boyd, Rachael
Homological stability for Artin groups
View Abstract Down
Brendle, Tara
A survey of normal subgroups of mapping class groups
View Abstract Down
Brown, Ken
Azumaya algebras and discriminant ideals
View Abstract Down
Calvo Schwarzwälder, Marc
Heat transfer and phase change at the nanoscale
View Abstract Down
Cantero Morán, Federico
Rational homotopy theory of Thom spaces
View Abstract Down
Casacuberta, Carles
Lifting cellularizations to module spectra
View Abstract Down
Casals, Roger
Legendrians, mirror symmetry and topological strings
View Abstract Down
Casanellas, Marta
Algebra, Geometry, and Phylogenetics
View Abstract Down
Castellana, Natalia
Local analysis in groups and classifying spaces
View Abstract Down
Corcuera, José Manuel
On the equilibrium under imperfect competition and privilege information.
View Abstract Down
Cruise, James
Electricity networks, novel challenges
View Abstract Down
Davie, Alexander
Multivariate Cornish-Fisher expansions and optimal transport
View Abstract Down
Delgado, Jorge
Extending Stallings pullbacks
View Abstract Down
Estrada, Gissell
SHORT TALK: Fractional Patlak-Keller-Segel equations for chemotactic superdiffusion
View Abstract Down
Gabe, James
A new proof of the Kirchberg-Phillips theorem
View Abstract Down
Garreta, Albert
Systems of equations in nilpotent groups
View Abstract Down
Gasull, Armengol
Algebraic traveling wave solutions
View Abstract Down
Gibson, Gavin
Developing tools for statistical inference using generalised data augmentation
View Abstract Down
Gilbert, Nick
Geometric group theory and inverse semigroups: connections and contrasts
View Abstract Down
Gondzio, Jacek
Continuation in Optimization: From interior point methods to Big Data
View Abstract Down
Greenfeld, Be'eri
TALK 1: Residual girth of algebras. SHORT TALK: Growth of Algebras
View Abstract Down
Hamblin, Luke
SHORT TALK: Tilings and their C*-Algebras
View Abstract Down
Herbera, Dolors
Pure projective modules over (one dimensional) commutative noetherian local rings: Comparing with the completion
View Abstract Down
Higham, Des
Nonbacktracking Walks for Network Science
View Abstract Down
Howie, Jim
Cyclic symmetry in Heegard splittings of 3-manifolds (Topology special session)
View Abstract Down
Huguet, Gemma
Mathematical tools for phase control in transient states of neuronal oscillators
View Abstract Down
Iyudu, Natalia
Sklyanin algebras via Groebner bases and finiteness conditions for potential algebras
View Abstract Down
Kosta, Dimitra
SHORT TALK: Maximum Likelihood estimation for group-based phylogenetic models 
View Abstract Down
Logan, Alan
SHORT TALK: Examples of Makanin-Razborov diagrams 
View Abstract Down
Luo, Xiaoyu
Soft tissue mechanics and the heart
View Abstract Down
Mampusti, Michael
A fractal approach to spectral triples for aperiodic substitution tilings
View Abstract Down
Mao, Xuerong
Almost Sure Exponential Stability of Stochastic Differential Delay Equations
View Abstract Down
Martin, Alexandre
Hyperbolic aspects of certain Artin groups
View Abstract Down
Miao, Zhouqian
SHORT TALK: Front propagation in two-component reaction-diffusion systems with a cut-off
View Abstract Down
Monk, Andrew
SHORT TALK: Towards a Baum Connes Conjecture for Quantum Groups
View Abstract Down
Mulholland, Anthony
Analysis of a Fractal Ultrasonic Transducer
View Abstract Down
Mundet i Riera, Ignasi
TALK 1 (Geometry and Physics session): Finite subgroups of Ham. TALK 2 (Topology session): Finite subgroups of Diff
View Abstract Down
Myers, Tim
Phase change at the nanoscale
View Abstract Down
Neelima, Neelima
SHORT TALK: L^p-estimates and higher regularity for semilinear SPDEs with monotone semilinearity
View Abstract Down
Nualart, Eulalia
Moment bounds for some fractional stochastic heat equations on the ball
View Abstract Down
Nurtay, Anel
A mathematical model of viral evolution and specialization
View Abstract Down
Oh, Tadahiro
On singular stochastic dispersive PDEs
View Abstract Down
Quick, Martyn
Presentations for Thompson's group V and its generalizations
View Abstract Down
Recio Mitter, David
SHORT TALK: Topological complexity of subgroups of the braid groups
View Abstract Down
Saldaña, Joan
A mean-field model for an SIR epidemic on a network with information dissemination
View Abstract Down
Salkeld, William
SHORT TALK: Large deviation principles for McKean Vlasov equations
View Abstract Down
Schroers, Bernd
Vortices, magnetic zero modes and Cartan connections
View Abstract Down
Sierra, Susan
Overrings of Skylanin algebras
View Abstract Down
Smoktunowicz, Agata
One-generator braces and indecomposable solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
View Abstract Down
Stewart, Peter
Fracture phenomena in foams: upscaling to PDE models
View Abstract Down
Strachan, Ian
Hermitian geometry on the big phase space
View Abstract Down
Strickland-Constable, Charles
Generalised geometry and supersymmetric solutions
View Abstract Down
Terry, Alan
Predator-prey models with component Allee effect for predator reproduction
View Abstract Down
Vaes, Stefaan
PLENARY TALK: Classification of von Neumann algebras. TALK 2 (Operator Algebras session): Bernoulli actions of type III and L^2-cohomology
View Abstract Down
Vives, Josep
Option price decomposition for jump-diffusion stochastic volatility models: price approximation and calibration
View Abstract Down
Voigt, Christian
Complex quantum groups and the Baum-Connes assembly map
View Abstract Down
Watson, Stephen
Emergent and hidden symmetries of nano-faceting crystal growth
View Abstract Down
Zacharias, Joachim
A dynamical version of the Cuntz semigroup
View Abstract Down
Zapata Carratalá, Carlos
A unifying picture for the reduction of geometric structures
View Abstract Down
Ziembowski, Michal
The maximum dimension of a Lie nilpotent subalgebra of the full matrix algebra
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Name Institution
Aaghabali, Mehdi University of Edinburgh
Afifurrahman, Afifurrahman University of Aberdeen
Alòs, Elisa Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Antoine, Ramon Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Antoniou, Georgios University of Glasgow
Antoun, Jamie University of Glasgow
Ara, Pere Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Baker, Andrew University of Glasgow
Barrenechea, Gabriel University of Strathclyde
Barrios, Tomas Universidad Católica de la Santisima Concepción
Bavula, Vladimir University of Sheffield
Boyd, Rachael University of Aberdeen
Brendle, Tara University of Glasgow
Brown, Ken University of Glasgow
Calsina, Angel Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona
Calvo Schwarzwälder, Marc Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Campbell, Colin University of St Andrews
Cantero Morán, Federico Universitat de Barcelona
Casacuberta, Carles Universitat de Barcelona
Casals, Roger Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Casanellas, Marta Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Castellana, Natalia Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Cedó, Ferran Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Ciobanu, Laura Heriot-Watt University
Corcuera, José Manuel University of Barcelona
Couto, Miguel University of Glasgow
Cruise, James Heriot-Watt University
Dannan, Fozi Arab International University
Davie, Alexander University of Edinburgh
Dechant, Pierre-Philippe University of York
Delgado, Jorge Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Estrada, Gissell MIGSAA
Evetts, Alex Heriot-Watt University
Farkas, Jozsef University of Stirling
Figueroa-O'Farrill, José Miguel University of Edinburgh
Gabe, James University of Glasgow
Garreta, Albert University of the Basque Country
Gasull, Armengol Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Gerontogiannis, Dimitrios University of Glasgow
Gibson, Gavin Heriot-Watt University
Gilbert, Nick Heriot-Watt University
Gimperlein, Heiko Heriot-Watt University
Gondzio, Jacek University of Edinburgh
Grady, Allan University of Abertay (retired)
Grant, Mark University of Aberdeen
Greenfeld, Be'eri Bar-Ilan University
Gyongy, Istvan Edinburgh University
Hamblin, Luke University of Glasgow
Herbera, Dolors Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Heunen, Chris University of Edinburgh
Higham, Des University of Strathclyde
Howie, Jim Heriot-Watt University
Huettemann, Thomas Queen's University Belfast
Huguet, Gemma Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Iyudu, Natalia University of Edinburgh
Jarque, Xavier Universitat de Barcelona
Karvonen, Martti University of Edinburgh
Kosta, Dimitra University of Glasgow
Lacey, Andrew Heriot-Watt University
Leinster, Tom University of Edinburgh
Levi, Ran University of Aberdeen
Logan, Alan University of Glasgow
Luo, Xiaoyu University of Glasgow
Mampusti, Michael University of Wollongong
Mao, Xuerong University of Strathclyde
Martin, Alexandre Heriot-Watt University
McIntyre, Finlay University of Edinburgh
Miao, Zhouqian University of Edinburgh
Monk, Andrew University of Glasgow
Mulholland, Anthony University of Strathclyde
Müller, Lukas Heriot-Watt University
Mundet i Riera, Ignasi Universitat de Barcelona
Myers, Tim Centre de Recerca Matematica
Neelima, Neelima University of Edinburgh
Nualart, Eulalia Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Nurtay, Anel Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Oh, Tadahiro University of Edinburgh
Perera, Francesc Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Pocovnicu, Oana Heriot-Watt University
Quick, Martyn University of St Andrews
Recio Mitter, David University of Aberdeen
Roney-Dougal, Colva University of St Andrews
Rovira, Carles Universitat de Barcelona
Rueter, Philipp Heriot-Watt University
Sabanis, Sotirios University of Edinburgh
Saldaña, Joan Universitat de Girona
Salkeld, William University of Edinburgh
Sanz-Sole, Marta University of Barcelona
Schroers, Bernd Heriot-Watt University
Sierra, Susan University of Edinburgh
Smoktunowicz, Agata University of Edinburgh
Solà-Morales, Joan Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Steiner, Richard University of Glasgow
Stewart, Peter University of Glasgow
Strachan, Ian University of Glasgow
Strickland-Constable, Charles University of Edinburgh
Terry, Alan University of the West of Scotland
Vaes, Stefaan KU Leuven
Vila, Núria Universitat de Barcelona
Vives, Josep Universitat de Barcelona
Voigt, Christian University of Glasgow
Watson, Stephen University of Glasgow
White, Stuart University of Glasgow
Zacharias, Joachim University of Glasgow
Zapata Carratalá, Carlos University of Edinburgh
Ziembowski, Michal Warsaw University of Technology