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31st British Topology Meeting registration page

Aug 29, 2016 - Aug 31, 2016

University of Glasgow

This page is the registration page for the 31st British Topology Meeting to be held at the University of Glasgow.

Further information about the conference, including the programme and information about accommodation, is on the Conference's main webpage which can be found here.

ICMS is managing the registration process on behalf of the organising committee at the University of Glasgow.


Participants should register for the 31st British Topology conference using this form and should pay the registration fee (see below).

  • There will be a conference banquet on the evening of Tuesday 30th August.  For booking purposes, please indicate on the registration form if you would like to attend.

  • Some funding for participants may be available. If you required funding to cover travel costs in order to attend this meeting, please give details of your requirements on the registration form. Priority will be given to early career researchers.

Registration fee
There is a registration fee to be paid by participants of £40.00; £20 for students. Speakers (invited or contributed)are not required to pay the fee. 
To pay the fee please download this form and email it to jane.walker"AT"icms.org.uk or send by fax to 0131 651 4381. You may also send a cheque made payable to Heriot-Watt University to Jane Walker, ICMS 15 South College Street Edinburgh EH8 9AA

ICMS will acknowledge receipt of your registration fee payment and issue you with a receipt via email. 

Enquiries regarding the conference should be sent to maths-stats-btm31@glasgow.ac.uk



Please see http://www.maths.gla.ac.uk/~btm31 for details


Name Institution
Adams-Florou, Spiros University of Glasgow
Baker, Andrew University of Glasgow
Boote, Yumi University of Manchester
Brendle, Tara University of Glasgow
Burfitt, Matthew University of Southampton
Dimitar, Kodjabachev University of Sheffield
Friedl, Stefan University of Regensburg
Gadre, Vaibhav University of Glasgow
Grodal, Jesper University of Copenhagen
Ishak, Jocelyne University of Kent
Kang, Sungkyung University of Oxford
Kar, Aditi University of Oxford
Lanneau, Erwan Institut Fourier
Logan, Alan University of Glasgow
McLeay, Alan University of Glasgow
Orson, Patrick Durham University
Owens, Brendan University of Glasgow
Rasmussen, Sarah University of Cambridge
RAY, NIGEL University of Manchester
Singh, Hemant Delhi University
Snaith, Victor University of Sheffield
So, Tse Leung University of Southampton
Sprehn, David University of Copenhagen
Steiner, Richard University of Glasgow
Vertesi, Vera University of Strasbourg
Waite, Daniel University of Glasgow
Wand, Andy University of Glasgow
Williams, Gareth The Open University
Yon, Hongyun University of Oxford
Zibrowius, Claudius University of Cambridge