Entrance hall of the ICMS Workshop

Management of Energy Networks

Jan 16, 2018 - Jan 17, 2018


Theme: The mathematics of the design, management and control of hierarchical energy networks.

Organisers: James Cruise, Chris Dent and Stan Zachary 


Future energy networks will be characterised by much greater variability and uncertainty: inputs to electricity networks from renewable and solar generation are naturally highly intermittent, while new patterns of demand, e.g. that required for the recharging of electric vehicles, are likely to be variable and are currently not well understood.  Against this, there are significant new technologies available for the management of future systems.  These include the management of demand, storage, generation and the networks themselves.  

Future systems will therefore require more dynamic management and control.  Much of this will happen at distribution level, where there will be major issues of design and operation.  Furthermore, while networks are likely to remain hierarchical with separate responsibilities for management at transmission and distribution levels, there will be a need for an integrated approach to the operation of entire systems.

This workshop will feature talks by industry and academic experts, and also intensive discussions.  It will bring together industry specialists, together with mathematicians, economists and engineers,to identify scientific challenges and propose approaches to their solution.



The meeting will be held at ICMS, Edinburgh


ICMS is located at 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AA

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The programme for the meeting is shown below.  Abstracts for the talks are available here.

Tuesday 16 January






Louis Wehenkel (Liege, Belgium)        
Whither TSO-DSO coordination for power systems reliability management


Gabriel Bloemhof (DNV-GL)        
Power system development and mathematical challenges


Tea/Coffee, Chapterhouse, Level 1


Martin Lyster  (SSE)        
Whole system scenario modelling:  applications in network investment




Lunch, Chapterhouse, Level 1


Mick Walbank (Ramboll)        
Perspectives on adopting new mathematical techniques into energy utilities


Watson Peat/ Fiona Fulton(SPEN)        
Key challenges in the Transition to a Distribution System Operator (DSO)


Tea/Coffee, Chapterhouse, Level 1


Bert Zwart (CWI, Amsterdam)        
A stochastic-resource sharing network for electric vehicle charging




Reception, Chapterhouse, Level 1

Wednesday 17 January


Ben Godfrey (Western Power Distribution)        
Distribution Networks: Moving from passive to active operation


Jonathan Sandham (ESB Networks)        
The role of decentralised mathematical algorithms in operating the entire energy ecosystem


Tea/Coffee, Chapterhouse, Level 1


Nick Screen (Baringa)        
Issues at the transmission-distribution interface




Lunch, Chapterhouse, Level 1


Martin Bradley (National Grid)         
Why we have OPFs and don't use them


Sean Norris (GE Power)        
The enhanced frequency control capability (EFCC) project


Tea/Coffee, Chapterhouse, Level 1


Discussion and Wrap Up


Name Institution
Ahmed, Ghedifa Université Med Boudiaf à M'SILA
Bloemhof, Gabriël DNVGL Research& Innovation
Bradley, Martin National Grid
Bravo, Ruben University of Edinburgh, Institute for Energy Systems
Browell, Jethro University of Strathclyde
Chapouto, Andreia MIGSAA
Collin, Adam Universita Degli Studi Della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
Cruise, James Heriot-Watt University
De Castro, Alex OVO Energy
Dent, Chris University of Edinburgh
dos Reis, Goncalo
Du, Hailiang Durham University
Enright, Jessica University of Stirling
Fahrenwaldt, Matthias Heriot-Watt University
Fitch, Davey UoE
Foss, Sergey Heriot-Watt University
Fruh, Wolf-Gerrit Heriot-Watt University
Fulton, Fiona Scottish Power Energy Networks
Garciana, Rodrigo
Gibbens, Richard University of Cambridge
Godfrey, Ben
Gondzio, Jacek University of Edinburgh
Grothey, Andreas University of Edinburgh
Hawes, Thomas Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering
He, Runan MASC Heriot Watt University
Hellmann, Frank Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Hussain, Haris Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
Konings, Charlotte University of Edinburgh School of Mathematics
Lacey, Andrew Heriot-Watt University
Lemery, Marion University of edinburgh
Lukasz, Szpruch University of Edinburgh
Lyster, Martin SSE
MacKay, Robert S University of Warwick
Macleod, Lilian National Gird
Madeira, Natasha Energy Systems Energy Technology Partnership
Martyr, Randall Queen Mary University of London
Maximov, Serguey University of Edinburg
Mazzi, Nicolo
McKinnon, Ken Edinburgh University
Md Saad, Syahrul Nizam University Of Edinburgh
Mestel, Ben Open University
Mijatovic, Aleksandar King's College London and The Alan Turing Institute
Moriarty, John Queen Mary University of London
Norris, Sean GE Power
Palczewski, Jan University of Leeds
Peat, Watson ScottishPower Energy Networks
Rahal, Zeina IDEA
Richards, Andrew National Grid
Robertson, James University of Edinburgh
Rodosthenous, Neofytos Queen Mary University of London
Sandham, Jonathan ESB Netowks
Screen, Nick Baringa Partners LLP
Shneer, Seva Heriot-Watt University
Sobral, Francisco University of Maringá, Brazil
Solà Vilalta, Albert MIGSAA
Sun, Wei University of Edinburgh
Thomson, Camilla University of Edinburgh
Walbank, Michael Ramboll UK Ltd
Webborn, Ellen University of Warwick
Wehenkel, Louis University of Liege
Whyte, Jim Scottish Power Energy Networks
Wilson, Amy University of Edinburgh
Zachary, Stan Heriot-Watt University
Zwart, Bert