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Gradient flows: challenges and new directions

Sep 10, 2018 - Sep 14, 2018



Name Institution
Düring, Bertram University of Sussex
Schönlieb, Carola-Bibiane University of Cambridge
van Gennip, Yves University of Nottingham
Wolfram, Marie-Therese University of Warwick

Nonlinear PDE with an underlying energy structure, and in particular gradient flows in different metrics, have become a hot topic in mathematical research in recent years. Despite many advances in the analysis of their well-posedness and development of structure-preserving numerical approximations, important questions remain open, and pose challenging mathematical problems in various ways.

 The talks at this workshop will revolve around three main themes:

  • Gradient flows - microscopic origins and the corresponding mean-field limits. The workshop will foster the communication between experts from probability theory and gradient flow theory on the microscopic origins of gradient flows and the analysis of these systems.

  • Efficient numerical methods for gradient flows. The workshop will highlight recent progress made on efficient algorithms and their convergence analysis, and nurture the discussion on how to attack these problems effectively.

  • Gradient flows on discrete structures: Recently variational methods and their resulting gradient flows on discrete structures (networks) have been studied in the context of data analysis and imaging.

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together experts working in different areas of gradient flows. Because of the novel developments in the field of applied probability as well as network and graph theory we extended the focus of the workshop to address recent developments and initiate intra- and interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. The workshop will serve as a starting point for further advancement in the field.

A dedicated session will allow young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) to present their work and engage and discuss with leading experts in the field.Three years after the last workshop at ICMS in this area, it is the right time to bring together the experts and leaders at the forefront of research in this field, to exchange the newest progress on current research challenges and shape and discuss new research directions.


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If you are interested in participating in this workshop please email info 'at" icms.org.uk


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