Entrance hall of the ICMS Workshop

Linking noncommutative rings and algebraic geometry

Jun 19, 2017 - Jun 23, 2017

ICMS, 15 South College Street


Name Institution
Bell, Jason Univeristy of Waterloo
Sierra, Susan University of Edinburgh
Spenko, Spela Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Zhang, James University of Washington


It has been repeatedly demonstrated over the past 25 years that there are subtle and powerful  connections between noncommutative algebra and algebraic geometry. In the past few  years, this has achieved new power. Geometric methods were crucial to recent progress on the longstanding problem of whether the enveloping algebra of an infinite-dimensional Lie algebra can be noetherian. There are important recent results on transcendental division rings, on noncommutative resolutions of singularities, and on categorical methods relating noncommutative and commutative rings. This workshop will bring together established leaders and younger researchers in noncommutative algebraic geometry to share recent developments and to forge new connections.

Invited speakers at this workshop:

Gwyn Bellamy, University of Glasgow
Raf Bocklandt, University of Amsterdam
Ragnar Buchweitz, University of Toronto
Alex Chirvasitu, University of Washington
Eleonore Faber, University of Michigan
Joe Karmazyn, University of Edinburgh
Wendy Lowen, Universiteit Antwerpen
Izuru Mori, Shizuoka University
Cris Negron, MIT
Dmitri Orlov, Steklov Institute
Alexey Petukhov, University of Manchester
Theo Raedschelders, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Dan Rogalski, University of California, San Diego
S Paul Smith, University of Washington
Agata Smoktunowicz, University of Edinburgh
Toby Stafford, University of Manchester
Michel Van den Bergh, Hasselt University
Chelsea Walton, Temple University
Michael Wemyss, University of Glasgow

The organizers of the workshop gratefully acknowledge the financial support of The Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust.


Invited participants should have received an invitation to register by email from ICMS. There is a public application form (top right of this page) for anyone else who wishes to attend.

The workshop will be held at ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh. 

Talks and Audio/Visiual Equipment
All lectures will be held in the Newhaven Lecture Theatre.  The lecture theatre has a built in computer, data projector, and visualiser/document camera.  In addition, there are two blackboards.  The projector and one board may be used simultaneously.  We advise Speakers that, where possible, you bring your talk on a memory stick/USB to put onto our computer in advance of your session - either at the start of the day or during coffee/lunch breaks.   ICMS staff can help with this.   It is possible for you to use your own laptops but it is then your own responsibility to ensure that resolutions are changed on the laptops if necessary (ICMS will not change the resolution on our equipment).   If you use a MAC we expect you to bring your own adaptor. 

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If travelling by train, please note that Edinburgh has several railway stations - Waverley Railway Station being the main station and closest to the workshop venue at 15 South College Street.  If you alight at Edinburgh Waverley, the workshop venue is an easy 10 minute walk over North and South Bridge. The second large railway station is called Haymarket and is at the West End of the city centre.    Please be aware that there is also an Edinburgh Park railway station but this is at the west side of the city some way from the city centre.  For ICMS, use Edinburgh Waverley.

Registration Fee
A registration fee of 100 GBP is payable by all participants (excluding Organisers).  Payment can be made on arrival at ICMS - at Registration we will accept cash, credit/debit card payments and sterling cheques (payable to “Heriot-Watt University”).  Unfortunately, we do not yet have an on-line payment system at ICMS.

ICMS will organise accommodation for invited participants.

The workshop grant will cover refreshments throughout the event and lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. There will be an informal wine reception on the Monday evening and the workshop dinner on the Thursday evening. 

Wireless Access
Access to wifi via Eduroam is available throughout the building. If you are not registered with Eduroam you will be given instructions and a code for accessing the wireless network.  For those without laptops, there will also be a couple of computers available for you to check your emails. 



To be announced


Presentation Details
Bocklandt, Rafael
Local quivers and Morita theory for matrix factorizations
View Abstract Down
Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf
Tilting objects in singularity categories
View Abstract Down
Chan, Daniel
Moduli stacks of Serre stable representations
View Abstract Down
Fryer, Sian
Separating Ore sets for Prime Ideals of Quantum Algebras
View Abstract Down
Karmazyn, Joseph
Noncommutative algebras and universal flops.
View Abstract Down
Lowen, Wendy
On tensor products of Grothendieck and triangulated categories
View Abstract Down
Mori, Izuru
A categorical characterization of a quantum projective space
View Abstract Down
Negron, Cris
The derived Picard group of an affine Azumaya algebra
View Abstract Down
Petukhov, Alexey
Poisson ideals and Witt algebra
View Abstract Down
Raedschelders, Theo
The Frobenius morphism in invariant theory
View Abstract Down
Smith, Paul
Exotic elliptic algebras
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Smoktunowicz, Agata
Some results on set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
View Abstract Down
Stafford, Toby
Non-commutative minimal surfaces
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van den Bergh, Michel
Higher Sklyanin algebras for singular geometric data.
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Walton, Chelsea
Poisson Geometry of 3-dimensional Sklyanin algebras
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Name Institution
Alev, Jacques University of Reims
August, Jenny University of Edinburgh
Bellamy, Gwyn University of Glasgow
Belmans, Pieter University of Antwerp
Bocklandt, Rafael University of Amsterdam
Bodzenta, Agnieszka University of Edinburgh
Bondal, Alexei Steklov Mathematical Institute/Higher School of Economics
Booth, Matt University of Edinburgh
Brown, Ken A University of Glasgow
Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf University of Toronto Scarborough
Chan, Daniel University of New South Wales
Couto, Miguel University of Glasgow
Craw, Alastair University of Bath
Crawford, Simon University of Edinburgh
De Laet, Kevin University of Antwerp
Fryer, Sian University of California Santa Barbara
Giaquinto, Anthony Loyola University Chicago
Goodearl, Ken University of California at Santa Barbara
Gordon, Iain University of Edinburgh
Hemelaer, Jens University of Antwerp
Hipwood, Dominic University of Manchester
Hodges, Tim National Science Foundation
Ingalls, Colin University of New Brunswick
Iyudu, Natalia University of Edinburgh
Kalck, Martin University of Edinburgh
Kanda, Ryo Osaka University/University of Washington
Karmazyn, Joseph University of Sheffield
Kirkman, Ellen Wake Forest University
Krähmer, Ulrich Technische Universität Dresden
Launois, Stéphane University of Kent
Lecoutre, Cesar University of Kent
Lenagan, Tom University of Edinburgh
Lowen, Wendy Universiteit Antwerpen
Mkrtchyan, Anna The University of Edinburgh
Mori, Izuru Shizuoka University
Negron, Cris Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nyman, Adam Western Washington University
Petukhov, Alexey University of Manchester
Presotto, Dennis University of Hasselt
Pym, Brent University of Edinburgh
Raedschelders, Theo Free University of Brussels (VUB)
Reynolds, Ruth University of Edinburgh
Rezaee, Fatemeh University of Edinburgh
Rizzardo, Alice University of Edinburgh
Rogalski, Daniel University of California, San Diego
Rogers, Alexandra University of Kent
Sierra, Susan University of Edinburgh
Smith, Paul University of Washington
Smoktunowicz, Agata University of Edinburgh
Spenko, Spela Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Stafford, Toby University of Manchester
Stanciu, Ioan University of Oxford
Tabiri, Angela University of Glasgow
van den Bergh, Michel University of Hasselt
Vancliff, Michaela University of Texas at Arlington
Walton, Chelsea Temple University
Wemyss, Michael University of Glasgow
Wicks, Elizabeth University of Washington
Won, Robert Wake Forest University
Wong, Liang Ze University of Washington
Yakimov, Milen Louisiana State University/University of California,Santa barbara UC
Zhang, James University of Washington