Entrance hall of the ICMS

New mathematics for a safer world: wave propagation in heterogeneous materials

Jun 12, 2017 - Jun 16, 2017

ICMS, 15 South College Street


Name Institution
Croxford, Anthony University of Bristol
Lombard, Bruno Laboratoire de Mécanique et Acoustique, CNRS
Mulholland, Anthony University of Strathclyde
Tant, Katy University of Strathclyde
Treyssede, Fabien IFSTTAR


There are safety critical structures all around us such as nuclear plants, aircraft, gas pipelines, bridges and railway tracks. They are safety critical since any failure is potentially catastrophic. To avoid such disasters these structures are checked periodically for the presence of flaws and other precursors to the component failing (this is called non-destructive testing). This is performed at various stages in the lifetime of the component: at the manufacturing stage, periodically while the component is in service, and to assess the component for remanufacturing at the end of its lifetime. Safety has become more pressing of late as many of these structures are operating well beyond their intended lifespan. To address this problem there have been rapid developments in the types of ultrasonic sensors that are used to find these flaws and cracks. These sensors produce massive data sets and therefore require a matched development in the mathematical algorithms used to extract the knowledge from this data. To enable this development this workshop will bring together leading mathematicians, engineers (and other disciplines) in the field who can present the current state of the art techniques, the open problems, and the opportunities. This workshop will serve as the catalyst for new collaborations and new research directions in mathematics.



This workshop is anticipated to begin around 09.30 on Monday 12 June and close at lunchtime on Friday 16 June 2017.



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    Ibis Hotel on South Bridge (not Hunter Square)
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    Masson House, Pollock Halls of Residence, The University of Edinburgh, 18 Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AY 
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The workshop will be held at ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh. 


Talks and Audio/Visual Equipment
All talks will be held in the Newhaven Lecture Theatre.  The lecture theatre has a built in computer, data projector, and visualiser/document camera.  In addition, there are two blackboards.  The projector and one board may be used simultaneously.  We advise Speakers that, where possible, you bring your talk on a memory stick/USB to put onto our computer in advance of your session - either at the start of the day or during coffee/lunch breaks.   ICMS staff can help with this.   It is possible for you to use your own laptops but it is then your own responsibility to ensure that resolutions are changed on the laptops if necessary (ICMS will not change the resolution on our equipment).   If you use a MAC we expect you to bring your own adaptor.


It is anticipated that there will be a Poster Session on Monday in the early evening after the talks.   This will be combined with an informal wine reception.  If you wish to present a poster, please indicate this giving a title and abstract in the Public Application Form.  

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Presentation Details
Baronian, Vahan
Imaging defects in an elastic waveguide using time-dependent surface data
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Barucq, Hélène
Using Trefftz-DG numerical methods for solving wave equations in heterogeneous media
View Abstract Down
Bellis, Cédric
Defect identification using topological sensitivity approaches and piezoelectric transducer modelling
View Abstract Down
Bonnet-BenDhia, Anne-Sophie
Invisible obstacles in waveguides
View Abstract Down
Borcea, Liliana
Wave propagation in random waveguides with turning points
View Abstract Down
Capdeville, Yann
Homogeneization and the elastic full waveform inverse problem
View Abstract Down
Croxford, Anthony
The ultrasonic diffuse field for NDE
View Abstract Down
Curtis, Andrew
Imaging solid media using Marchenko methods and multiply-scattered waves
View Abstract Down
Deschamps, Marc
Interaction of guided waves with cracks in an embedded multilayered anisotropic plate by a boundary element approach
View Abstract Down
Gower, Artur
Characterising composites with acoustic backscattering: combining analytical and data driven methods
View Abstract Down
Leger, Alain
Wave propagation in bonded domains: changing a thin layer into a surface
View Abstract Down
Leichleiter, Armin
Dynamic inverse problems for waves
View Abstract Down
Lombard, Bruno
Modeling of nonlinear waves in solids with slow dynamics
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Marzani, Allesandro
A guided waves based SHM system for a composite full scale outer wing demonstrator
View Abstract Down
Mercier, Jean-François
Homogenization of an array of air bulbes in air with Minnaert resonance
View Abstract Down
Pagneux, Vincent
Scattering of acoustic waves with loss, gain and symmetry
View Abstract Down
Pham, Kim
Homogenization of resonant interface for wave propagation
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Savin, Eric
Kinetic models for sound propagation in unsteady heterogeneous flows
View Abstract Down
Solna, Knut
Beam-wave backscattering in random multi scale media and imaging
View Abstract Down
Solodov, Igor
A new approach to monitoring and imaging of defects in composites via resonant ultrasonic activation
View Abstract Down
Treyssede, Fabien
On the modeling of elastic waveguides coupled to infinite media
View Abstract Down
Velichko, Alexander
Ultrasonic defect characterisation using parametric-manifold mapping
View Abstract Down
Walton, Jay
An approach to determining material parameters and residual stress from ultrasound interrogation of a nonlinear elastic body
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Name Institution
Abrahams, I David Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Aleshin, Vladislav Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
Baronian, Vahan CEA LIST
Barucq, Hélène INRIA
Bellis, Cédric Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'acoustique
Bonnet-BenDhia, Anne-Sophie CNRS
Borcea, Liliana University of Michigan
Capdeville, Yann CNRS, Université de Nantes
Croxford, Anthony University of Bristol
Curtis, Andrew University of Edinburgh
Deschamps, Marc Université Bordeaux
Gower, Artur University of Manchester
Leger, Alain CNRS
Leichleiter, Armin Universität Bremen
Lombard, Bruno Laboratoire de Mécanique et Acoustique, CNRS
Marzani, Allesandro University of Bologna
Mercier, Jean-François École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées
Mulholland, Anthony University of Strathclyde
Niederleithinger, Ernst Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)
Pagneux, Vincent Universite Du Maine
Pham, Kim École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées
Pichugin, Aleksey Brunel University London
Savin, Eric Onera
Solna, Knut University of California, Irvine
Solodov, Igor Universität Stuttgart
Tant, Katy University of Strathclyde
Treyssede, Fabien IFSTTAR
Van Den Abeele, Koen KU Leuven
Velichko, Alexander University of Bristol
Walton, Jay Texas A&M University